About Us

Our mission is to create optimum transport for Our Customers. We are here to develop a loyal, honest, professional and safe Company for our Consignee and our Employees.

Our business was started on 3rd of May 1989on the initiative of present co-owner Mr. Krzysztof Kukułkaand his wife Mrs. Iwona Kukułka. The Company possesses a National Certificate of Vocational Competence and International License for transport of goods.

Company Profile

We operate across Europe, particularly in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. The company has a National Certificate of Professional Competence and an international license for the carriage of goods

The basic activity of our company is international road transport within automotive industry. We are busy on the territory on whole Europe, and in particular in such countries as: Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg, Great Britain.

Job offers

In our Company we hire on employment contractspeople, who want to improve in the transport business. Work in a nice team, stable remuneration, bonuses for loyal and honest work. We act in compliance with regulations in force on the territory of Poland and within Europe. To employees without experience we offer training and practices. We provide anything, that is necessary to perform the entrusted tasks (including company phone, support of forwarders, social package). A work in a company with stable finance. Possibility to start work immediately.

We are looking for :

1. Forwarders with at least secondary school education, experience within transport, knowledge of German

2. Drivers with C + E class driving license, set of licenses (transport of goods, psychological and medical opinion),driver card, a foreign language is an advantage.


Zawada 208
39-200 Dębica
service of our Fleet.

ul. Żołędziowa 1,
39-200 Dębica
NIP 8722402226
tel./fax 146775093
email: info@kukulkatrans.pl

The place, where strategic decisions are made,information, finance and human resources management takes place. The fleet and drivers are managed by Forwarding Specialists.


50735 Köln
EmdenerStrasse 105a

an independent Subsidiary
Forwarding ,fleet management, accommodation for employees, service,car wash, parking.

66740 Saarlouis,
Henry Ford Strasse 33

fleet management, parking, accommodation.